Sunday, December 30, 2007


Boy, I suck at keeping up.

I am embarrassed that my last blog entry was from November 11! Yikes!

December was a busy month, naturally, at school and at home. Life is good though, and a lot has happened this month.


My first semester at NIS wrapped up uneventfully. Our school holiday is three weeks long, which is a welcome rest.

I have not yet taught the students the Macarena, but will very soon.

I rearrange my house at least one time a week. It puts a new perspective on things, and makes me feel like I have all new stuff. It's like shopping, but free.

Now that my Bali holiday has ended, I am beginning to save up for my trip home in March. That is, when I stop shopping, which I've been doing (and will continue to do) for the next week of break. You know, it's funny, when you start making more money, you actually go out and spend it on all the things you wish you could have had when you were poor, thus making you just as poor. Only now you own more crap.

On top of teaching each day, I am also tutoring five students a week and teaching 6 adult English classes per month. In February, I'll be house/kid sitting for a family at school who will pay me to stay with their kids (one of which is my own student).

My classroom has now been equipped with one of the only two interactive white boards in the school. It was installed over break. To get an idea of this piece of technology, imagine your computer projected onto a giant white board that lets you touch and drag and click by using your finger. It's pretty amazing, and I am honored to get the chance to use it and share my learning with colleagues.

I am missing all of my family and friends back home, but am content knowing that you are all healthy and happy.

Happy December. See you in January...

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