Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The COOLEST thing about the 2008 elections?

The Iowa caucuses!


Because EVERYBODY in the world is reporting from there!

And why is that cool?

Well, it works to my advantage that EVERY news show is being broadcast from the streets that I remember and love and see so little of.


In fact, on tonight's Evening News (CBS) and yesterday's Today Show (NBC), both did a bio on Iowa and the people. I'm just searching for someone I know.

But, as someone with an ear out in the world, rumors spread that Iowa may be relieved of it's primary caucus position if more people don't get out and vote. A little more than 10% of people are expected to turn out (in a state where 94% of the population is white, another political mark against us!).

So, get out there! Caucus! Come on Iowa, you can do it!

(and keep those cameras rolling!)

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Tera said...

Yeah, on the today show they were reported from the coffee shop in Des Moines that sells huge rice crispy treats. I was like, "I've been there!!!" :)