Friday, January 04, 2008

Things I've Come To Expect in Japan

When I go shopping, I have to take off my shoes before entering a dressing room.

While I'm changing, a GOOD saleslady will turn my shoes around for me so that when I come out of the dressing room, they are facing ahead and I can just slip them on.

OTHER sales ladies will forsake the shoes altogether and just snicker (or, as on a recent trip to a local store, openly laugh) at me when I go in. I am never sure why. Sometimes the don't stop until I leave the store. Even after I've proved that my rear (snugly) fits into the same jeans as their rears do.


Small children will stare at me wherever I go.

When I am feeling nice, I will smile at them.

Sometimes I wave.

And if I'm grumpy, I stick out my tongue.

It's funny, though, that no matter which of the three I do, they always huddle closer to their mommies.


When I go to Daiso (my favorite store) in heels, I can see over the top of all the aisles. Which makes shopping truly convenient. Especially when trying to find friends who I'm shopping with. Or brooms or something.


The nicest people (consistently) are those who work at Starbucks. Or, at least, I guess those are the ones I see the most. So, maybe that's a bias opinion.


Telemarketers and street sellers avoid me like the plague. (woo hoo!)

In fact, the look on the door-to-door salesperson's face when the door opens and they see me is PRICELESS...


When I go to the petrol station, I order legulah gas.

And I am quietly accepting the fact that it will be years before I can order Pizza Hut. Sigh...


It's just what you come to expect as the norm, I guess. Maybe it's what keeps life interesting. You know, legulah gas and all.


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