Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's the end of the world...

... as we know it?

Predicted for this Saturday is the biggest earthquake to rock Asia since baked bread was first baked.

So, just in case, this will be my final will and testament.

Mom - you can keep my bills, (but you can have my insurance money to pay for it).

Nik can have all of my clothes. Cause we wear the same size tops. My bottoms, though, need to go to someone more rounded. Sorry, Nik.

Aimee Thode? You can have all of my teaching stuff. Please share it?

I leave everything else I own to Tera.

Except my cotton Supre bag. Mary can have that.


Tera said...

While I'm honored to be the recipient of the remainder of your stuff (hello, tons of cool purses!), I am freaked out about the possibility of actually being entitled to it... how about taking a day trip inland this weekend? ;) Be safe, talk to you soon.

NIK said...

Yay!! Even though the threat has since passed (yes, it's December, and I am just now reading this...), I would be honored to wear your clothes! I wore your green Kate Spade shoes to the mall today.