Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tips for a successful holiday

At the commencement of my Hawiian holiday, I'd like to offer some words of advice to friends, family, and fellow travelers.

Holiday Tip #1: Don't empty out your beach bag on your bed. Sand in your neither parts is a real pain...

Holiday Tip #2: Best to wrap your camera and phone before you put it in your beach bag. Sand + camera = no photos. A camera case, or less-inexpensive sock, will do just fine.

Holiday Tip #3: If you want to eat Twizzlers, don't come to Hawaii. Evidently Hawaiians don't like Twizzlers, as they can't be found anywhere. Much to my dismay.

Holiday Tip #4: Recipe for enjoyment: 1.) Find the men playing beach volleyball. 2.) Sit and enjoy.

Holiday Tip #5
: Do not eat donuts AND scrambled eggs for breakfast. Ever.

Holiday Tip #6: Sunburn sucks.

Holiday Tip #7: Be prepared to be slightly disappointed by all of the 'extras' your hotel offers such as Delicious Daily Complementary Breakfast*, Breakfast on the Beach**, Free Internet***, Evening Outdoor Movies on the Beach****, Working Elevators*****

*One breakfast choice per day, rotates every other day
** Where 'beach' means 'poolside'
*** Only in the lobby, with a weak signal, otherwise $9.99/day in your room
**** In season (where 'season' is 'not right now') only
***** Nope, they don't work either..

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