Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peer reflection

Our last unit of writing this year was doing All About books (a fancy term for writing non-fiction). Students were asked to pick a topic in which they felt they were an expert in, and we spent the better half of a month working on creating pages for these books based on emulating the authors of non-fiction texts in our classroom. It was a great project, and the books turned out really well, with students' work ranging in topic from Soccer, Horses, Service Dogs, and Capacity.

During our author celebration, each student had an opportunity to read the work of 6 or 7 other students and write a short, positive note to tell the author what was good, what needed improvement, or something that they learned.

One of my students, whom I will call B, decided that her topic would be 'Church Schools'. Although she didn't have as much to write as other students, her book still turned out well. And it is her book that led to an afternoon of laughter between myself and my peers, for the following comments that were made in the back of her book (peer assessments by other students)...

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