Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before and After

I was just saying to my friend Jerry that there are some things in this country that you just learn to live with. Squatting toilets, electronic everything, lack of communication, dead fish on a stick, etc...

I remember traveling, more than once, last fall, just after my arrival in Japan. At mealtime, I just could not get used to my food being selected for me and brought out on a giant platter of small bowls/plates. Never mind the presentation or delicious Japanese delicacies served in little tiny dishes. I wanted a damn hamburger for dinner and bacon for breakfast. I was not remotely interested in eating the like of whole dead fish or omnipresent bowls of miso soup at every meal, all served to me without my choice or consent. Many a traveling morning I woke up annoyed that a mere slice of toast was out of my grasp. To be honest, I probably even cried about it on more than one occasion.

Now, months later, with the exception of only miso soup (a fairly normal food that I still won't touch with a 10-foot pole), I have succumbed. Not only do I recognize the ingredients in the slimiest of foods, but I enjoy it. I am now more likely to eat ANYTHING if you've put a raw egg in it, can say I eat foods of EVERY color almost every day, and have even made peace with eating the aforementioned dead fish on a stick. Five months ago? No way. Now? I'm picking my battles, and this one's not worth fighting. I'll have seconds, please?

Before (scoffing at the dead fish on a stick - if only you could see my face!):

(enjoying the dead fish on a stick - and hoping there might be extras?):

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Tera said...

So proud of you. I was seriously trying to imagine myself adjusting to eating a fish on a stick. I can't do it.