Friday, November 14, 2008

My friends

The universe is spoiling me.

In Japan, this year, is the most incredible group of teachers.

Formerly, in my previous life, my co-teachers in Waukee were an incredible bunch. They were, and will always be, my first love. Without their professional support and friendship, I wouldn't be the person or teacher I am today. Full stop.

In New Zealand I learned such different things from my co-workers, both at SP and at Richmond Road Primary. In New Zealand I became more aware of the world, including it's differences, similarities, and vast potential. For that time I am thankful, as I grew like never before.

Here and now, I continue to be officially happy. There are many, many , many, many factors that have to do with that, but the biggest being my friends. Of course, there are friends afar, such as you've read about before, but throughout the next year, on this page, you'll learn of my new friends. They are incredible, and are a source of happiness for me here.

When Rob and Paul (my administrators) realized that having so few lone, single teachers in the building (that was me, and me only!) last year was not balancing the make-up of the staff, they set out to hire great new teachers, specifically targeting single, young ones. Boy, did they hit the jackpot.

Starting with Mike and Rachel, through to Michele and Ricco, who we were lucky enough to get at the last minute, the administration did no wrong, hiring four winners. Not only are they great teachers, eager to learn, but we are an incredible group together. The universe knew what it was doing when it put this puzzle of 5 together: Ricco who is the master of a million things at once; MIke, who is so sensible-tive; Rachel, with her head screwed on straight; Michele's beautiful body and spirit; and me, the translator.

Add that to people like Leila and Christine, who make up the rest and rock my world, and the satisfactory feeling of possibly dating someone new (more about that later, I am sure) and I couldn't be more happy. Maybe I'm a bit mushy. But I can't help but think that I must have done something right in the past to be this fortunate now. Or, as my (again, amazing) friend Sheena would have said, 'The universe is spoiling me'. My friends are the luckiest treasures I have.

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OK, now your decision makes more sense. You're off the hook, dear ; )