Monday, March 31, 2008

How to be a bridesmaid. By Wendy

This past week, I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid for on of my greatest friendies, Tera, and her husband Zach. Coming to America, mainly for this wedding, was worth every penny (I still fall into random fits of laughter each time I think about it!), and being a part of this party was incredibile. Based on my experiences, I have written a short, but simple list of ideas and directions to follow for any girl who wishes to become a bridesmaid. It's tougher than it looks...

(for privacy purposes, real names will not be used)

1. take care of the bridal party

*when other bridesmaids come home after a few few too many, help clean up the chicken-chunk vomit. also, make sure no members of the bridal party asphyxiate on their own vomit, at any time, during the week. (and, as a trained elementary teacher, vomit clean-up is my speciality...)

*when other bridesmaids make choices that lead to loss of body parts, use quick thinking to remedy the situation. never leave a nail, tooth, or arm behind. instead, carefully take the missing piece and protect it from the elements, i.e. putting the broken tooth in a glass of milk, putting the arm (or eyeball) on ice, etc.

2. make executive decisions

* in the off chance that the liquor, at the reception, starts to disappear faster than anticipated, make a back-handed move, and make a deal to get more, without ever telling the bride and groom. good targets? mother or father of the bride.

3. do everything in your power to make sure the the bride is the best looking one of all, and be very photogenic for the photographer.

*this is an easy one if your bride looks as good as ours did. also easy if you have such good-looking bridesmaids!

4. have a GREAT time at the reception

*sometimes, this includes drinking copious amounts of wine, playing a naughty game of croquet, or flirting with a really good looking groomsman.

5. make sure you let the bride and groom know how happy you are for them.

*(as if a $1200 plane ticket wasn't enough), congrats, Zach and Tera!

Link to wedding photos and slideshow (scroll to near the bottom for photos and links):

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