Sunday, November 11, 2007


Recently, at my gym, there was a contest. Each time you went, you received a stamp on a card. After three stamps, you redeemed the card for a can of sport drink.

The first time I turned my filled card in, I received my sports drink and a note. It said:

There is a present when three points are collected.
Moreover, the BIG present is a hit in Secandchans.
Let's Try!

What they (probably) meant was:
Here is your present!
We are also entering your name into a second chance drawing!
Good luck!

So, I am deciding to give you all a secandchans...

My last game, name those cities, was mildly popular. Mildly.

For those of you who made an attempt (that'd be Aunt Jenni and Anonymous), you were both right or close on 6 of the 7, with Aunt Jenni edging out the (anonymous) competitor 6 correct guesses to 5:

Rosanzerusu (Los Angeles)
Nyu yoku (New York)
Rondon (London)
Ajia (Asia)
Yoroppa (Europe)
Osutoraria (Australia)

Neither of you got Burajiru, or Brazil. (duh...)

Now, as I sift again through my Japanese lessons, I am finding more everyday, familiar words that seem plainly out-of-the ordinary when translated into Japanese. So, if you think you're keen and sharp, give the secandchans a go:
Let's try!!

1. enjinia

2. robii (informal place)
3. Itaria

4. purezento
5. kado
6. enpitsu
7. terebi
8. chokoreto
9. kohii
10. takushii
11. biiru
12. Kurisumasu
13. sandoitchi
14. aisukuriimu

Good luck.

(and depending on the replies, there might be a thurdchans?)


Aunt Jenni said...

Yeah! I won!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm...these seem much harder. I'll give it a go later!
Aunt Jenni

Anonymous said...

Hi my darling.

I haven't heard from you for so long. I hope you are really well. I miss you. I sent you an e-mail and why can't I find you on facebook? I use my account on there. Big kiss Christian