Saturday, November 03, 2007

A letter to my uncle

Dear Uncle Brad,

I think that eating hot dogs and enjoying them while getting pictures taken must run in the family.

I want to tell you, though, that when it comes to captured moments, you were much, much more graceful than me when YOU were photographed eating a hot dog.

That aside, though, I was much hungrier for this hot dog than you were. Much hungrier. So much hungrier for a hot dog, in fact, that on that day (which was today), I decided that that hot dog (and the accompanying Dr. Pepper) was the best food I had had in three months.

Let it also be known that Shizuko, my student photographer, was lucky to capture this shot only an instant before the whole thing went in my mouth and into my waiting belly without a single chew.

Aunt Barb would've been so proud, and not a bit shocked, to see truly how fast I ate that thing.

God I hate sushi.


your niece Wendy

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