Monday, September 24, 2007


I've just heard of a great contest for one and all. An offer that you just shouldn't refuse...

The contest name?


The winner of this contest will receive FREE* room and board within first-class accommodations** in a country of choice.*** The recipient will receive first class dining**** at local luxury restaurants and will also enjoy being shown fine sights***** and local customs and cultures.****** Chauffeured driver included, opportunities for adventure******* available as well. Translation (when possible) upon request.

To enter, simply go quickly to your nearest travel agent, and book a trip to Nagoya, Japan.

It's THAT easy...


* Free if you bring goodies like Twizzlers and Cheerios.
** Comfy futon in 2-bedroom apartment.
** If your choice is Japan.
**** Sushi or Indian, you pick.
***** Mmmmm, Starbucks.
****** Bowing until you have a headache.
******* Choose your own toilet (when available).


Mom said...

I am leaving work now to go to my nearest travel agent to book that trip - I want to win your contest!!! What a GREAT list of prizes you are offering. You know how much Gary & I love sushi and Starbucks not to mention the use of a fancy toilet with the faucet. Love Mom

Tera said...

I want to play! Too bad I'm not very competitive so I probably will be the last to visit! But I definitely want to come before you leave. :) *muah