Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Today's blog is brought to you by the number 1776 and the letters USA.

Happy 231st birthday, America!

Today one of my former kiddos, Lauren, invited me to come and sit at her house for the Waukee parade. Her house is right on the route (pronounced 'root'), so it was a great view. When I arrived, she and her mom had made a sign that said 'Welcome back, Miss Foreman!' I joked that if they would have had a convertible, I could have ridden in the parade and threw out candy.

In the night I went to my very first Cubs game of the season with my pa. We had a blast. We swore and cheered and spit and burped. I had my first nachos with runny yellow cheese, which was TO DIE FOR. The 12 year-old who made them must have figured I hadn't had nachos in awhile, as he loaded them high with lots of goodies. Yummy yum...

Any celebration is a good reason to eat nachos.

Happy birthday, America.

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