Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mein neue Haus

It's been decided, and it's official, that after all of this time, I've finally chosen a place to live in my new hometown.

For those of you who are in the loop, you'll know that making this decision has been difficult, as for the last month, I have had two choices of amazing places. The first, a small apartment just on the outer edge of the main city boasts cheap-as-chips rent, amazing skylights, a lot of vintage character, and a five-flight stair climb up and down each day (maybe only I'm the only one who would find value in that athletic benefit, actually!?). The second would be right in the heart of town, boasting two roommates from my new school, close proximity to anything and everything I could possibly want to see/do, and reasonable rent as well.

Would you laugh to know that I actually had been secretly hoping that one would fall through if only so I could not have to decide between the two!?

Although neither fell through, I am glad (and relieved) to say that after a month of going back and forth and back, I finally made the choice on the solo place on the edge of town for reasons too numerous to list. A few, though: my new apartment has a good feel to it, comes with a charitable current tenant who is undoubtedly the most helpful person I've met so far in Munich, and promises to have real fix-up potential (huge grin).

I tell all of you this, though, most importantly so you understand one of the larger reason I chose it - my living room comes with a beautiful and generous three-seated couch that folds out into a sofa bed, perfect for all visitors who come through.

In that respect, please sign your name up for a spot on it sometime in the next two years. That is, if you don't mind stairs...


Nikki said...

That place is perfect. I call Christmas break.

Megan Parker said...

I LOVE this! How quaint! So wish I could visit you there! On another note, I hung out with your double the other day. Looks like you, talks like you, and although not a teacher, she works with children at the Child Development Center on base... it was sort of eerie! :)

Carmen said...

I'm so sad that I'm probably not going to catch you in Japan- though you have been there so long and I will have visited twice and we just keep missing each other! So Germany it must be!! Keep the couch warm ;-)

Mary said...

Sign me up! I cannot wait to visit! That place is totally cute.

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