Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When left to their own devices...

A few years ago, I bought some red tinsel with green stars that, year after year, I hang around the Smartboard during the holidays.

Well, today, we had a decorating party, and I was pulling out all of the decorations for the kids to out out (this year, I decided to put them in charge - they had free reign to decorate however they wanted to) and the red tinsel came out with it. I left it on the counter, and about five minutes later, asked Mrs. A to put it up around the Smartboard. But, it was missing!

We (Mrs. A. and I) looked all over for it before realising that Arshiya had taken the liberty of decorating out lone palm tree with it, right along with paper
candy canes made by Ash and Molly, and a couple of small ornaments Mana had brought in! It was just hilarious, because the tinsel was allotted for one thing, but without guidance, the kiddos found a better place for it, and had the whole tree done without us being any the wiser.

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