Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The contents of my purse

About 18 months ago, I took a holiday to India with two of my closest friends. On the way back, during a stop in the Hong Kong Airport, I rewarded myself for surviving with one of the best purchases I've ever made: my Longchamp purse.

This thing is, no doubt, sturdy as. I have never had a purse hold up so well for so long, whilst having taken such a beating in the process. It is the sturdiest thing I have ever carried, and I hold my life in it on any given day. It's small enough to carry on the day-to-day, and large enough to use as a travel bag, and I use it for both situations readily and often. Of course, though, with a big roomy purse comes the opportunity for a whole heap of collected nonsense in within it's recesses. My life is heavy, and random, and often, unorganized, and my purse is an outstanding parallel.

Therefore, when I reached in this morning to pull out my keys, and instead pulled out a plastic packet of lime juice leftover from a from-last-week bottle of Corona, I just knew it was time for a post about the contents of my purse. So I dumped it out, took a picture, and am ready to share.

Random, but true, here's what was inside today:

* an orange Eco-bag
* my wallet
* 2 ¥500 coins
* 4 large garage sale tags
* my camera case (the camera was inside as well, but i took it out for the picture)
* an onigiri (seaweed-wrapped rice triangle)
* a small bottle of hairspray
* a golf pencil (?)
* another wallet (leftover from the weekend's night out)
* 2 handkerchiefs
* lip balm in a tin
* sunglasses
* an empty sunglasses case
* a make-up bag
* a bobby-pin bag
* a mini-towelette
* my computer
* a tin of tampons
* Iphone
* aspirin
* tissue bag
* my flowered lunch pail
* a tube of lip gloss
* a can of minty Mentos gum
* a pack of strawberry-banana Extra gum
* my apple mouse
* a couple dozen pig-shaped thank you cards
* an orange
* 2 hair ties
* 11 rogue bobby pins
* earphones
* an envelope of tutoring money
* a pencil bag
* 2 Philippine pesos
* a birthday postcard
* cuticle oil
* 2 beginner driver car magnets
* 1 pack of corona lime juice

It was slightly therapeutic, cleaning the bowels of my purse, and putting it away (while trying to remember where and why in the hell a golf pencil fell out) felt good.. Funny, though, I still haven't found my keys...


Brooke said...

LOVE IT! My purse and your purse could be sisters. Seriously, I think that mine weighs at least 17 pounds. My computer goes in my purse as well. Much cuter than a laptop carrier. Careful with the orange....I once left one in my purse for so long that when I got to the bottom of it, it was moldy!

Jessica said...

Wow! You've really outdone me on the whole purse thing...and I'm carrying around enough for myself AND three small children, hehe!!