Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Wendy's World Tour is on haitus.

Lately, it seems that my blog is being read and scrutinized by people other than those intended, and the innocent intent of sharing the funny and enjoyable is being taken a bit too seriously.

Where and when persons who are easily and unjustly offended begin to complain and stir up muck, when my personal life and exploits are scrutinized, and when the actions of my friends and I are read by judgmental eyes, I find that the desire to share what's going on in my life, with all of you back home, falls.

For all of you friendly and faithful followers, I apologize.

To all the rest of you: blah.


Jen in Japan said...

Well said, friend, well said.

You know the privacy settings are really easy to do, right?

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear that. I love reading about your adventures. Did your Christmas card arrive?

Mary said...

Since I was with you when you started Wendy's World Tour, I am very bummed. To the rest of you, MYOB.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer, Wendy! I check your blog every day to see what's new. I'm sorry that other people have nothing better to do than scrutinize you. :-( Reading about your adventures ALWAYS makes me smile!! :-)

Miss you much!!