Sunday, May 17, 2009


I now know enough Japanese to frazzle the Japanese.

Recently, as I have become more green-thinking, I have a lot of fun doing it to store employees when it comes to bags. They can't make heads or tails of me, per the following conversation from my recent lunch at Mc Donald's. Mind you, the entire conversation took place in Japanese (them) / impolite Japanese (me).

Clerk: Take out?
Me: Yes.
(clerk pulls 3x size bag out from under counter)
Me: Oh! That's a big bag!
Clerk: You don't want a big bag?
Me: No! A small bag is fine!
Clerk: (horrified) But your drink!
Me: It's ok.
Clerk: But your drink and your food! Together!??!
Me: Yes.
Clerk: (turning to worker behind her who is bagging my food) Drink and food together.
Worker: (horrified) Drink AND food?!
Clerk: Same bag.
Worker: (reaching around clerk) Well, get a big bag.
Me: No! Small bag, small bag, together, together!!
Clerk: (taking out two small bags, to worker) Here, use this too.
Me: No! No!! One bag is fine!
Worker: Together!? In one bag?
Me: Yes!
Worker: Drink and food?! In one small bag?
Me: Yes!

Extending my vocabulary one poor clerk at a time...


Dreams and Designs said...

LOL, too funny. Great job on learning Japanese- very impressed!

Tera said...

Now if you really want to frazzle them -- bring your own bag!

Tom said...

Can you imagine the clerks conversation ... when you were gone?.... something like.... "Crazy Americans!?