Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Option C

Been very, very busy.

Lots lately to occupy my time.

But have been thinking about option c, if a and b don't work...

If no teaching job, I might travel for a bit in a foriegn land before coming home. Maybe Asia or South America.

Does anyone want to come with?


Tera said...

At least stick around New Zealand until I am in Oz in August... we can meet up in Tazmania. :)

Anonymous said...

Option C, a contingency plan is always a good idea. Traveling abroad is an experience that will last you a life time. Enjoy every aspect of the experiences that you are gaining. Life is a gift. Enjoy the gift and investigate the farthest corners of the world.

Life in Iowa is too predictable and quite frankly, boring. You are a fantastically bright and gifted young lady. Write a book! Option C sounds like a great book about finding yourself in a foreign country, and experiencing all life has to offer. Your Blog reminds me of the Bridget Jones Diary, with a US accent.

Maybe I should join you on your travels ... but then who would do the laundry and cook the meals?